Brizzy voices all the Original Pokemon!!!

Keep calm and Catch 'em all

Gotta sing a song! Childhood!

Let’s face it, Ash Ketchum will always be 10 years old and was pretty terrible at catching Pokemon. I think in all the seasons, he has only caught 31 different kinds of Pokemon so far out of the 648 Pokemon that we know. He should be name Ash Ketch”SOME”. I’m gonna throw out some more numbers for you 151, 65, 4, 27.

I practiced making those voices at my apartment, but the police showed up. Apparently screaming makes people panic. On the bright side, I made the cops jealous with all the 1st Edition Pokemon cards I own. We traded for a couple of hours. They know not to respond to those noise complaints from me now.

Did you know that you can play Pokemon on your phone?!?! If you have an Android phone, you can get Game Boy emulators and play Pokemon Yellow, Red, Blue, and Gold, to name a few. It’s a nostalgia dream come true.

Greatest Pokemon Story Ever Told

Now that this post is coming to a close, what better way to end it than jamming out to the Pokemon Rap?!?! Sing along if you know the words. If you don’t, then why are you even reading this blog post?


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