Lindsey Stirling (And Some Other People Too) Kills It Again: Radioactive


I know what you’re thinking: “These guys seem obsessed with this Lindsey Stirling chick.”  For one, she isn’t just some chick!  You treat her with respect!  And B, you aren’t obsessed?!  This video literally just released, so if you want to be considered as up and coming as this blog is, I suggest you drop what you’re doing and go watch it before it goes mainstream and you blend into the crowd the not cool way.  “What’s the cool way?”  Psh, Assassin’s Creed Lindsey Stirling style obviously.  “You need help.”  Yeah, I’ve been banned from like 9 clinics already.

I’m not sure exactly what that’s about, mostly because I accidentally had it playing in two different windows and I couldn’t understand anything (nor have I ever listened to the original), but you have to admit, this thing is impressive just to look at, especially in 1080p.  Hopefully, the next time you see a Lindsey Stirling post on here, it will be an equally visually impressive cover of Guild Wars 2 music.


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