Man Goes On Syrup-Only Diet


You Crazy, Man!

Well I guess whenever your career is officially cancelled there’s no reason to try to be healthy anymore.  Or at least that’s what Armen Nazaryan would have you believe.  And just in case you’re as bad with names as I am, Armen Nazaryan is a two time Olympic gold champion as well as the new spokesperson for Aunt Jemima.  In a temper tantrum that would make Joffrey look tame, mah-man Arm decided that he would only eat syrup until the Olympic committee decides to withdraw their recommendation for the removal of wrestling from the Olympics (which isn’t up for vote until September).

“Wrestling has always been part of the Olympic program and it’s not right to exclude it from the Games. I’m starting my hunger strike and from now on I will drink only syrup,” said Armenia-born Nazaryan, who won gold in Greco-Roman wrestling at the 1996 Atlanta Games, competing for his native country.

I remember one time when I was mad at my mom for making me eat my vegetables, so I went on my own hunger strike.    That lasted a whole 3 hours.  Then I broke down and ate my fruit snacks.  Lucky for me, the food at my college sucked so I was able to get right back on that strike for the next meal.



SOURCE: Reuters


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