You know those kids in school that you wish you could be friends with that are always creating cool weapons out of rusty metal they find in their grandparents barn, but you’re afraid to talk to them because you don’t want to get stabbed?  Well somehow they got hold of the powers necessary to infuse their weapons with electricity, creating a new hybrid super sword that is also capable of sterilizing you (we’re talking level 400 crafting here).  And what’s the first thing they do with this weapon?  “Make you cry?”  Hey, I was crying about something completely different!  “Did your Tamagotchi die again?”  IT’S LIKE IT DOESN’T EVEN CARE ABOUT MY FEELINGS!  Keep reading for a video of the weapon as well as a list of places to run and hide.

If my calculations are correct, that kid will be in jail in exactly hopefully soon.  I’d make one to defend myself with, but I’d probably end up poking my eye out.  “Or you could lose half your beard again.”  I run with scissors ONE TIME!


One thought on “IT’S A FREAKIN’ TASER SWORD!

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