Disney Buys Lucasfilm

Disney Buys Lucasfilm

By this point, the whole internet knows that Disney bought the rights to Lucasfilm, but why did Disney do this? What does that mean for Disney and Lucasfilm? And what plans are in the future?

In October, 2012, Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion. This is good timing because many of the big box office franchises such as Twilight, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean are finished. This leaves a space for new trilogies to start up. Disney and Lucasfilm have both had their share of troubles. Connecting to new audiences has always been a challenge. Disney will obviously start with a new Star Wars trilogy, but what else will they create under the Lucasfilm title? I remember as a kid, wanting to be Indiana Jones or a Jedi. Will Disney try to capture the hearts of the next generation with a new group of cult franchises or will we something new with their combined efforts?

Disney Bought Indiana Jones as Well

Disney and Lucasfilm have always been close. Many Star Wars and Indiana Jones attractions have been in Disney Land and Disney World. It makes sense for Disney to continue to create such attractions and sell such merchandise while owning all the rights.

Disney is aiming to release Star Wars Episode VII in 2015. I was really hoping that Joss Whedon would direct the new series, but he will be busy with the second Avengers movie. J.J. Abrams has agreed to direct the new trilogy. He declined at first because he is directing the new Star Trek trilogy, but was eventually talked into it.

For more details on Star Wars Episode VII and what conflicts this may cause for J.J. Abrams, just follow the links below.


Star Wars Episode VII: http://wp.me/p2AULI-lz

J.J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars Episode VII: http://wp.me/p2AULI-lH

J.J. Abrams/ Star Wars Meme: http://wp.me/p2AULI-lI


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