Incredibox: Lay Down the Funk!


This blog is nothing if it doesn’t provide you with seemingly endless ways to ignore your real work and play around on the internet.  These things are not meant to enrich your life or help you to impress your mother-in-law (though those are a possibility if you play your cards right).  As such, I introduce you to the Bowser browser game, Incredibox.  What is Incredibox, you ask? It’s a game that basically allows you to become a beat boxing god with little to no effort.  Seriously, my non-existant newborn could play this and create better beats than me certain people I know.  See below for my incredibly short and insignificant in-depth review.

There actually isn’t much to write about, but !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! I basically ruin the whole game below with a YouTube video of the whole game….so stop now if you want to preserve the magic of surprise.  The game is simple.  You are given a series of little symbols to choose from that each contain a beat or sound that you drag onto the cartoon men who then proceed to get jiggy with it and sing your beat.  You can mute individual people to mix it up and dynamically drop and add different sounds.  You can come up with some cool stuff if you play with it for a bit.  As promised, here’s the video that ruins the whole game.

Luckily, for all of you incredibly rhythm challenged people out there, this game will keep everything on beat for you as you go so there is no need to worry that actual bands will slap you for getting your timing off (though they may slap you for other reasons that I won’t name BECAUSE YOUR HAIR IS UGLY).  Thanks to simplicity and (literally) MINUTES of entertainment, I give this game an overly generous: 4.5/5



I found this little treasure thanks to Felicia Day and her YouTube series, The Flog.  Links below to all the cool stuff.


The Flog


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