Skyrim’s Premier Moving Company

skyrim santa

Let’s face it, it’s everyone’s dream to wake up one day, suddenly have to move, but find out that it isn’t a problem because you found an ad in the Yellow Pages for the Skyrim Moving Company.  Not only do you get your own personal dragon slayer, but he can even be shirtless for those of you who want the Dovahkiin from your dreams.  And who knows, maybe Lydia will tag along to double both the carry weight and the number of stupid questions that are asked.  Is he actually the best? No. But it’s your dumb fault for forgetting that you had to move.  Keep reading to see why everything I’ve been telling you about this moving company is a lie and for proof that it would be a terrible idea to hire this guy.

Someone should tell that guy his helmet looks like something out of Mr. Rogers nightmarish puppet kingdom.  Perhaps if he didn’t look like such an idiot he would have had time to pay attention to the stuff that actually needed packing.  He looks like the runt of the Krampus elves demon litter that later goes on to be the bumbling idiot that nobody likes.  I feel your pain, Krampuskiin.

Submission thanks to SirMaC, who thinks that the video would have been a lot funnier if the guy had shaved a heart in his chest hair.  Sure it would be funnier.

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