How to Guarantee Nobody Passes Your Sobriety Test

Raccoon King


I’ll give you one guess for what this particular blog is about.  And don’t guess Pokemon cards because that’s my guess.  If you guessed yet another cop prank gone right (or Pokemon) then you are absolutely correct!  It’s these kinds of videos that make me want to get into YouTube videos so I can be super successful and stuff.  “I think it’s harder than you think.”  Hehehe….oh you didn’t do that on purpose.  “Are you twelve?”  GROWN MEN LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK AND PIGS IN THE BLANKET TOO!  Keep reading to watch a bunch of people who don’t know how to dance as well a as a couple of people who really don’t know how to dance.

“There wasn’t a single Pokemon in that video.”  Yeah there was if you looked really closely in the one part.  “Which part?”  You know…the part….anyway I’m kind of ashamed of how horrible people are at dancing these days.  “Like you’re any better.”  You clearly didn’t see me dancing in the background dressed up as a police officer looking awesome.  “You mean that ugly guy?”  NO…….okay yes…..

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