Okay, It Really Wasn’t THAT Good: Parents Sob After Les Misérables


This video is a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time, right after watching Les Misérables (which counts as being in the wrong place at any time).  Some people would call video taping their parent’s moments of weakness and putting it on YouTube cruel.  But let’s face it, they just made him watch Les Misérables so fair is fair.  Enough about slow and painful deaths by song.  We know you’re all here for the merciless killing of those parents emotions.  So everybody give your computer screens a giant thumbs up and scream “Spaniard” while the killing commences (get it? because he’s singing in this movie too).

There’s just something about the tears streaming down the moms face and the dad wiping tear soaked snot out of his mustache that reminds me of a small toddler who just discovered a hot stove.  Of course, it makes sense that they would have such strong reactions to Cat Woman missing all of her beautiful hair while she leads Wolverine away to see the worlds largest garage sale.  I mean seriously, have these people never seen a person die in a movie before?  I’m just glad I wasn’t around after they watched The Passion.


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