The FRYBREADWHITEBREAD Year in Review: The Blog That Makes You Go: “Well….”

Me Gusta



There isn’t a lot that can be said about the past year six months on Frybreadwhitebread.  It has been a year of useless stories and funny YouTube videos that we felt needed to be shared with the world so that others could make fun of the stuff we wanted to make fun of.  Did we really enrich your lives? Oh, not even close.  Did we waste our time making it? Yeah, probably.  Did we have a blast doing it?  Oh heck yes.  Keep reading for a list of articles hastily thrown together by me.

These are presented in no particular order unless you mean the order I thought of them in.

That Gross Potato Thing

Everybody Love’s Raymond Bacon

Those Drool Machines We Stick On Our Ears

That Very First Meme Monday

That Star Wars That I Used To Know

Olympic Fail Roundup

CLOP: The Game Everyone Sucks At

Hug Attacks

SLENDER….nuff said

The Return of that Furby Kid

EA Flagging YouTube Content

That First Tuesday YouTube Highlight About Shadows

How To Make A Christmas Song


And there you have it.  Have a blog that wasn’t shown that was your favorite?  Well that’s just too dang bad because I wrote this and not you.  So you can just write about it in the comments where nobody will pay attention to it.  “This one looks like you wrote it in your typical lazy fashion as every other post you put up.”  Awe thank you!  You’re going to make me cry.  Seriously, if our many viewer is reading this, thanks.  We do this just for you.

Here’s a special thank you song that I didn’t bother personalizing….even though I could.



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