How to Make a Christmas Song

Matt Damon Christmas Sweater

The art of Christmas song making is an art.

It may seem like I am making a ton of Christmas posts lately, and it is mostly because posted them after Christmas is a waste. It’s like watching the Food Network after you just ate… Absolutely pointless. So before Santa gets to your house, you still have time to make your own Christmas song, put it on iTunes, and a make enough money for one more round of eggnog before the holidays are over.

I wrote a song myself. I’ll sing it to you now… Done. Did you like it? Oh did you expect me to type it for you? That wouldn’t make any sense, silly. Now if you will excuse me, I will be singing my song to Santa while he is putting a lump of coal in my stocking, and I will be singing it with my Bane mask on.

Merry Christmas, and let the games begin!


Buy the song on iTunes here:


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