All I Want For Christmas is Geeklynews!

Merry Christmas Meme

What’s Christmas without ugly sweaters, dressing up your pets, and the same Christmas songs every year? It’s still Christmas… Bazinga, Lawyered, #burn.

With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s apparently okay to dress up your pet and take awkward family pictures that will scar you and your loved ones for life. It’s annoyingly acceptable to listen to nothing but Christmas music. It’s even depressingly just fine to wear the ugliest sweaters imaginable.

One thing that I do appreciate during this time of year is Christmas specials. This includes just Christmas themed TV shows, ABC’s 25 Days to Christmas, and a break from the normal to be creative and give back.

Speaking of giving back, consider this video and Christmas-themed posts as my gift to you. Merry Christmas ya filthy animal, and a happy humbug.

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