What YouTube Videos Were Meant To Be: Crab Gets His First Car

Grumpy CrabWell, I’m not sure if you heard or not, but one of YouTube’s worst videos hit 1 Billion views today, the first video to pull it off.  Unfortunately, the heroes of YouTube often go unsung, being left behind to get a mere half-million views or so, barely generating enough change to fuel their private jets, let alone feed their family too.  This is one such video, made in the back bedroom of his mansion humble home.  It embodies what YouTube is all about: faith, hope and love (and all in 15 seconds).  Even if you hate it, you hardly feel like you wasted time.  Who doesn’t have 15 seconds?!  “Maybe somebody who is dying?”  WELL YOU DON’T EMBODY WHAT YOUTUBE IS ALL ABOUT!

And then there were…fewer.  Good news is all lost lives go to a good cause.  “Your belly?” I would never!  It’s for the children.  Please do yourselves a favor and go check out his channel RIGHT HERE.  You won’t be disappointed.


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