Christmas Sweatz

Christmas Sweater Meme

11 months out of the year, ugly sweaters are just ugly sweaters. But in December, lambs become lions…

A great Christmas sweater is like gold around this time of year. So if you have some red warm ups and some green warm ups, now is your time to shine!

You may recognize Rhett and Link, and maybe even Daily Grace. They have their own YouTube Channels and were even featured in the YouTube Rewind Style video. Did anyone else notice the split second of Link without pants? I didn’t notice it until the 4th or 5th time I watched it. So just a reminder, once Christmas is over, it is not longer acceptable to wear ugly sweaters. At that time, you immediately switch from being to cool guy at the party to the guy that is still living in the past, then the crazy guy without a fashion sense. It’s like wearing a high school Letterman jacket when you are 40. It was cool when you were a Junior in high school, but we’ve moved on since then.

I know, I know. You could probably throw a steak over those mountains and if you could turn back time, you could have won State. Wait… What was I talking about again? Oh ya, Christmas. Humbug!


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