A Quick .GIF Remix of Lord of The Rings

Scumbag Hobbit Meme

In case you have been living in a cave with a case of Twinkies, waiting for the Apocalypse, The Hobbit released last weekend…

Now that the Mayan calendar has ended and we are apparently still alive, you now have no excuse to not see the movie. Also, it’s probably a good time to buy a new Mayan calendar. You might be able to get a new one by Christmas if you do 1-day shipping from Amazon.

If the news of The Hobbit release was an unexpected journey (see what I did there?), then you may want to rewatch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Usually this would mean that you need to reserve three evenings so you can watch the extended versions and have adequate bathroom breaks. Remember how the Return of the King had like 5 endings and each one was teasing your almost bursting bladder? It was the worst! Well I have a shortened version of the Trilogy that will save you 9-12 hours and protect you from future bladder issues. Skrillex! Lights!

Now that you are all caught up on the sequel, you should be all set up for The Hobbit. That makes sense… right?


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