Best Christmas Quartet Ever!

It's the Most Terrible Time of the Year Meme


The Marley’s were dead to begin with…

I am normally what some people call a “Grinch” or a “Scrooge” because I do not listen to Christmas music 24-7 this time of year. But I do love Shenanigans, no not the restaurant I like with all the goofy stuff on the walls and the mozzarella sticks, the kind that makes you laugh and fear for the future of America at the same time. Well just like in Muppet Christmas Carol, I will catch up with you after the video.

Can you believe the nerve of that audience??? These hobbits’ van breaks down, offers to sing for this audience, and the audience just laughs at them… Hobbits, let me apologize for the actions of my half minded friends. Oh here’s a good challenge: Try to count all the ugly Christmas Sweaters in that video. Here’s a clue… It’s every sweater in the video.

Wait… That’s not their real voices?!?! I need to lay off the eggnog.


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