This Kid Is Already More Successful Than You Are: Tampa Bay Gangnam Cheer


Ever have those moments in your life where you look back (at the TV computer) and see some kid doing something cool and wonder what you’ve done with your life?  “No, because the rest of us actually did something with our lives.”  And yet you are reading this blog…  Regardless of how you got into courtroom guy school “Law school and women can go too” Oh like I’m going to fall for that.  Anyways!  “That ‘S’ doesn’t belong there.”  Sanyway…?  I’ll assume by the blank stare I finally got it right.  So sanyway, I believe that even though you got into LAW SCHOOL, I bet you’ll still feel like something is missing from your life like I did after you watch this video.

I still can’t believe that they picked this kid over me.  I busted out some sweet moves!  “You probably just busted stuff.”  Well at least I’m willing to put myself out there!  And I’ll be telling my grand kids about this pinky sprain like it’s an old injury from ‘nam.  And by ‘nam I mean Vietnam.  And by Vietnam I mean China town in L.A.  “Could you be any more racist?”  Is that a question or a suggestion?  I’ll assume by the blank stare that it’s a suggestion.  “You know what happens when you assume?”  I tryout for cheerleading spots at Tampa Bay….you wise jerk.


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