Milking Is So Two Thousand And Twelve Late!: Porting Durham

Cow MilkingThe above image, while it is considered milking, is not actually the new old fad that has become known as Milking.  In Milking, you go into your local grocery store, buy a half gallon of your choice of milk (yes, this is a very expensive fad, emphasis on the very) and then pick a place and dump it on your head while someone else records you.  Many people see this as wasteful.  I just see it as SUPER WASTEFUL!  It’s like they aren’t even trying to drink it.  They are just willy nilly dumping it on the ground and letting it go to waste.  Where you born in a barn with a milk cow?!  Some people who agree with me (or are too good for milk, I can’t tell) have decided that Milking is not sophisticated enough and must be improved.  And now below, without further adeau amilk, the video.

You can very plainly see that Porting is a million times more sophisticated than Milking could ever hope to be even if it lived a fairy tale dream and married a rich man after growing up in the slums of the Precious Moments Village.  A tuxedo must be worn and you must do it with only the finest Port wine while in the most cultural of settings.  With entrepreneurs like these men, well…I have no joke for that.


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