The Most Horrible Thing You Will Ever See On The Internet

Meanwhile in....well you know

There are those videos and things on the internet that you want to show to your friends because of how funny they are.  You paint creative word pictures for your family and your loved ones (the two aren’t necessarily related) doing your best to make them laugh as you quote various punch lines, occasionally forgetting parts of the joke and making a fool of yourself until you give up and pull the video up on your smartphone.  And then there is this video….which is none of the above.  It is, in fact, everything that is wrong with cartoons, real life and possibly a zoo or something all wrapped up into a train wreck that is barreling into another train that has already wrecked and you can’t help but watch all of it even though you’re late for surgery to remove the tonsils that are currently causing you so much pain that you can’t scream or call 911 to get help for all of the people dying on the train wreck.  “That….was probably the worst grammatical structure I’ve ever seen in any sentence ever.”  It took me like twenty minutes to come up with it! “Twenty?”  You’re right, it took me an hour WHO AM I KIDDING?!  I’ll just shut up and let you watch the video now.

So…is this that awkward moment where we just walk away and forget this ever happened?  “I’ll always know it happened.”  Can’t we just be friends?!  “I’m sorry, but you’re a weirdo and this is the last time I’m reading your blog until you post another weird video.”  But there is so much good material in archives…..  It does make me wonder what happened between The Last Samurai and this video that made everything go so wrong.  The world may never know.


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