SKRILLEX QUEST: A Dubstep Video Game

Skrillex Quest

Imagine you are playing The Legend of Zelda in all its 8-bit glory, when a couple of dust particles who are up to no good, started making trouble in your neighborhood. By trouble, I mean got on the cartridge and caused the game to glitch. Now instead of the usual magical creatures you would be fighting, you are now fighting Dubstep monsters. Now add some Skrillex, and you have SKRILLEX QUEST.

Skrillex Quest Title ScreenSkrillex Quest is a browser-based game that is free to play. So why are you reading this right now and not playing the game? Oh right you need a link (get it? Link? haha I know it’s lame…). The link is down below. While I still have your attention though, I’ll give my review and explanation of the game.

Skrillex Quest Intro

As a fan of Skrillex and 8-bit adventure games, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Total gameplay time is about half an hour to an hour, depending on how many times you die and how many items you pick up. Luckily I never died, but I also didn’t realize till halfway through that there are items you can pick up… oh and there is a count-down timer. The storyline is pretty simple: save the Princess and remove the object creating the glitch before your world turns into a Dubstep nightmare, which would probably look similar to any Metroid game.

Skrillex Quest Dungeon Fighting

The buttons are pretty simple, as they should be for an 8-bit adventure game. The arrow keys move your character, P1, and Spacebar swings your sword. What else do you need, really? The tough part is successfully hitting those glitch monsters without getting hit yourself. I was close to death many times. Your life is shown in the top left of your screen. Time remaining till the next stage in on the top right. Be sure to keep an eye out for treasure chests.

Skrillex Quest: Summit

Of course we can’t forget the Skrillex part of the quest. During the whole game, you get to jam out to Summit and Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex. Parts of the storyline and dialogue tie in nicely to the lyrics and feel of these songs. If you haven’t really heard of Skrillex, his 8-bit self looks like the face on the wall in the picture above. I can’t really say any more about the game. You will just have to click the link below and play it for yourself. Go ahead, save the Princess and save that 8-bit world. Why are you still reading this? Start!

Links (teehee):

Skrillex Quest browser-based game:

How Skrillex Quest was created:

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