Game Review: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale finally released today. It had been pushed back a month from its original release date. I just finished a quick run through of the Storyline and Multiplayer modes. Here is my review of the game.


Now at first glance it looks just like Super Smash Bros. And why shouldn’t it? Super Smash Bros. is an awesome game series. Instead of being Kirby or Jigglypuff, you get to be some classic ¬†Playstation characters such as Kratos from God of War or Cole from Infamous! Shoot you could even be Sackboy from Little Big Planet! HOWEVER, the combat feels more like those Marvel vs. Capcom games.

Notice there are no damage bars or lives displayed. By landing successful hits, your character builds up the Energy Bar, allowing a power move. A level one power move will usually just kill one opponent (unless you are good like me and get a triple kill the first time playing). A level two power move looks a little cooler and covers a wider range usually. A level three power move could clear the stage, like with Parappa the Rapper. It seems the only to get K.O.’s is to do power moves, so land a lot of big hits and finish everyone off with a power move. Most games modes seem to be highest kills in a certain amount of time, or first to a certain number of K.O.’s. this doesn’t leave much variety.

I did think the actual combat seemed much more complex than Super Smash Bros. I used Raiden from the Metal Gear games. Since movement acted more like an Arcade game, there didn’t seem to be much time between hits.

MULTIPLAYER OPINION: This is probably the only reason the own the game. CPU characters do provide a little sport but playing online or against friends would bring out the best in this game.


Since the gameplay is more like an Arcade game, you can level up your character, unlocking new costumes and taunts for your character. By using a character in multiplayer, online multiplayer, and storymode, you gain experience and level up that certain character so you can brag to your friends. Or if you don’t have any friends (like me apparently) you can brag to yourself and list this accomplishments on your professional resume. I played one multiplayer match and the storyline for Raiden and got to level 23.

Arcade Mode (Storyline)

Just like in any Arcade fighting game and Super Smash Bros., the main story is pretty lacking. You just show up, fight a bunch of dudes for no reason and fight a final boss who gives no reason why either of them are there. Then of course you feel like you have to fight and kill and final boss and win the game and watch half an hour of credits. Seriously, I played the Arcade Mode on Normal difficulty, only died a couple of times at the beginning, and beat the boss in one life. I even won one match with a single level one power move. The whole process probably lasted 20 minutes. Then sat through about an hour of credits.

ARCADE MODE OPINION: Lacking. Killing is too easy in this game and you can only die if you let someone use a power move on you. Final boss was too easy. Doesn’t seem to give a reason why each character is fighting “the big fight.”

Final Thought: I would love this game more if there were more of my favorite PlayStation characters in it, such as Crash Bandicoot, Snake, Lara Croft, Croc, Spyro, Cloud, Tifa, and maybe even Tony Hawk haha. Oh and less Fat Princess. I don’t know who would choose her. I understand that Sony may not own the rights to characters I just listed and that’s why they are not on the game… But still… come one… Fat Princess??? This may be the first game I end up returning within a couple of weeks. One thing that seems to be super awesome is that you can play cross-console between PS3 and PS Vita.


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