10 Bets You Will Always Win (Read: How to be a Jerk)

We all have one of those people on our Facebook friend list.  They are those people that always send you some holiday themed invite to the “awesome” party they’re throwing.  Everybody shows up hoping to find a lively night of hilarious entertainment but instead find themselves entertaining other peoples kids or playing who has the best iPad case (extra points for functionality AND best Apple logo viewing hole!). The only problem is there are only so many ways to make a kid cry.  “Yeah, that’s the only thing wrong with that scenario…”   Hey, I’m doing those parents a favor by giving them an excuse to grab their crybaby kids and go home!  Anyway, the point is there a new magic party trick in town and his name is magic tricks!  “Wow, I never would have guessed…”  Keep reading to see a video of a British guy doing deceitful illusions and using all of the wrong words for things (That’s a field goal post!)

I’m pretty sure he got lucky on that matches with the coin trick he was doing…I did that a million times with no positive results….so one in a million chance that you will impress someone with that trick.  I’m pretty sure there is a bigger chance of this blog falling into obscurity with nobody ever reading it (nobody reads this in case you couldn’t tell….)   Also, I’ve gone through like 12 packs of cigarettes trying to do that coin in the cup thing and I cannot get the coin in the Mountain Dew can so I wouldn’t recommend that one.  But definitely do that chicken thing.  It’s just obscure enough to count even when you mess it up every time.


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