If Only We Had Known 5 Years Ago: Twitter In The News

It’s hard to believe that only 5 years ago, people had to find a different way to let everyone know about the “amamazzing sandwich” that you had for lunch.  It was a time when photos were nicer when they didn’t look old timey and were posted to a thing called Myspace (ask your grandparents if you don’t know what a Myspace is).  It was during this time when Twitter was just coming into being that a news station decided that, in order to remain cutting edge, they needed to do their best impression of a 20/20 report with a hart hitting expose on the worlds newest social network.  It would be an understatement to say that the news station was skeptical of the networks idea, thinking that it would open up the world to reading a whole bunch of disgusting and useless information about everybody’s lives (at least they got one thing right). Keep reading to see the video and mourn with me for the loss of a more sensible America.

Did anybody else watch that video and wonder “Why the heck was he reporting from a creepy nighttime prison-like facility?”  Okay, I’ll wait while you go back and watch it again to check……yeah, NOW you see it.  And I’m not sure any of you have noticed, but I didn’t hear frybreadwhitebread mentioned even ONCE!  Talk about outdating yourself right out of the gate.  At least they got one thing right….even if I don’t know what that is.  Now if you’ll excuse me….I’m going to go tweet that this new blog is up.


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