Spotify Treasures: Mumford and Sons

Sometimes I wake up on Saturday afternoons mornings, make a fresh pot of Dunkin Donuts coffee, make myself a fancy brunch, and just listen to music for a few hours. I thought I would start sharing this tradition with you. Of course I can’t make coffee and brunch for all of you readers, but I can sure talk about music! This new section, called Spotify Treasures, will feature an artist every Saturday morning so you can sit back, listen to new music, and read a little about the band. Go ahead and try it, but make your own coffee and brunch.

I thought I would start with a pretty well-known band by now: Mumford & Sons.

I added a full show for you guys to start us off on a good note. Mumford & Sons has been blessing the music industry since 2007 with their English folk rock, their banjo, and their awesome clothing, and a very talented lead singer (Marcus Mumford) who seems to dress like a pirate and can play the guitar, drums, and tambourine at the same time. I have a huge respect for talented artists and pirates. Their debut album, Sigh No More, was released on October 2009. Now you might be thinking, “I thought their album came out in 2010 because they had two Grammy Award nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rock Song?” Well they are from the UK and their album didn’t release in the US until 2010. They, like Adele, seemed to have become famous overnight here in the US, but their album was in the UK for like four months before it reached our radio stations. Sigh No Morereached the top of the charts in Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand (Probably the three coolest places in the world). The album also reached number two in the UK and the Billboard 200 in the US, even though it was pretty much all I listened to in 2010.

Their second album, Babel, released last month… And took us all to Candy Mountain, like there and back again, like second star to the right and straight on till morning, like the invention of Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew, like 90’s cartoons, like “And the Trogdor comes in the night!”… sorry about that… But it is well deserved because this album… this Taken 2 of a creation, shattered those previous records. Within the first week of the release, it sat firmly in the number one slot of US and UK charts, selling 159K copies in the UK and 600K copies in the US. That wasn’t the end either. It burninated the Spotify record of album streams in a week by having 8 million streams in the first week! I’m proud to say that 6 million of those streams were probably from me, sorry Spotify for any trouble I might have caused. Thanks to Babel and all that is good and decent in this world, Mumford & Sons almost doubled the sales of Justin Bieber‘s 2012 album which I don’t even care to look up to know the name. Did anyone else know he even released a new album?

Anyway, I hope you like Mumford & Sons because I surely do and I think they are super talented. If you haven’t checked out Spotify yet, you need to… And if you do, you will not be the same. Please continue to purchase music though to support the artists. I will have another cool artist and more movie and pop culture references for you next week.


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