That Was Totes Awkward, Brah: Elevator Guy Is Awkward In the Elevator (Like Totally)


So this one time, I was riding an elevator up to the top floor, and this weird guy just kept going around asking everybody to read his blog and rate all of his posts.  “That was you and the building was only two stories tall.”  Well it obviously worked didn’t it?  Anyway, what I was saying before I was accurately interrupted, is that I wasn’t the only one with this brilliant idea.  Meet LAHWF, the YouTube channel with the same idea as mine.  “Yeah, except theirs is probably better.”  Well yeah, because they have a real YouTube channel.  “You don’t know how to create a YouTube channel?”  I still carry around a VCR and VHS’s to all of my friends houses….  Keep reading to watch old men get creeped out.

Okay, I have to admit, that whole Spiderman move was pretty sweet.  I tried to do Batman once and ended up getting my foot caught in the ceiling and needing surgery on my vocal chords after screaming “WHERE ARE THEY?!” over and over again in my sexy gruffy voice.  Plus, mace hurts and sticks to capes.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find a blank tape to record myself trying to hold a bunch of peoples hands for next weeks game night.


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