Ohio State Marching Band + Video Games = My New Pretend Alma Mater

They live among us.  They are those silent really loud and annoying weirdos that do nothing but try to make Mondays a happy thing.  They stare at you, smiling at you for hours on end in an effort to bring you out of the misery they see displaying on your face.  If only there was a way to convey to them that you like your Monday misery without punching them in the face over and over politely.  Unfortunately, it would seem that they will continue to walk among us forever, contributing only to our Monday misery.  Fortunately, there are such things as marching bands who play video game music at football games.  “That has got to be the longest and stupidest segway into a blog video that I have ever read….like ever.”  You know, I have friends in high places!  “Anyone is in a higher place than you.”  Do you enjoy making me cry?  Keep reading to see why your school marching band sucks…you know…besides the obvious reasons….

You can tell a lot of work and practice went into that performance.  “Makes you wish you had joined back when you had the chance doesn’t it….”  Haha, yeah right.  I just said the words “work” and “practice.”  The only time I work for anything is when I work on figuring out how long to bake that frozen pizza….which is actually still in the freezer.  But I’m working on it….yeeaaah…..

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