The Boys are Back in Town: Regular Refs Return to NFL

If you are a fan of football, then like me, you were probably frustrated with these… Replacement Refs… We all thought it would be okay. I mean they should know the rules like any other refs, right? Well if you look at the picture above, we were wrong. We were very wrong. We were so very wrong… The night is dark and full of terror, but the night is darkest just before the dawn, and the dawn is coming. Keep reading to hear about the return of the Regular Refs.

Although this joyous moment only lasted for half an hour for most folks due to another controversial call, it was still liberating. For me, the joy lasted all week. Why you ask? My first couple weeks in Pro Pick’em have been awful, just flat out awful… But with these refs back, I almost had a perfect week. One of my favorite quotes ever was from one of refs that is retaking the field. He is recognized as the Buff Ref but his name is Ed Hochuli. He said, “As soon as I heard the rumors today, I got down on the floor and started doing pushups.”

I for one am sure glad to see these refs back and would vote for Ed Hochuli if he ran for president. But what will happen to the replacement refs? Will they move to the college level? Go back to that Lingerie League that fired them before? Will they get their own reality TV show? Well Saturday Night Live has already beat us to the chase…

Replacement Refs

A conspiracy theorist would probably think that the refs threw the games on purpose, maybe got paid very well to do it. I don’t see a reason for a ref to throw his hat into the endzone and trip up one of the players, especially one of the players in my Fantasy Football Team. A bigger conspiracy theorist would even think that it was his own cousin who paid the refs to influence the flow of the game so the conspiracy theorist would lose in Pro Pick’em and Fantasy Football and the cousin would take the coveted trophy for himself… Well I, err… the conspiracy theorist, has an Ace in the hole. Mine, I mean his, is Ed Hochuli, the Saviour of the NFL, after to Peyton Manning that is…

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