Time To Blow Things Up: Slo-Mo Molotov Cocktail

What do you get when you take one crazy British guy and mix him with another crazy British guy who also has a high speed camera?  “Some really cool scientific videos using slow motion technology?”  Try a guy throwing flaming explosives at his grandparents house while the other guy creates the evidence for police to use later in court.  Total. Serious.  You would think that they would show some restraint seeing as how it was the one dude’s grandparents house.  “Well why didn’t they do it at the other guys house, then?”  Because of the cat.  You think I’m kidding?  Watch the video and find out for yourself, assuming you can make it past the totally immature humor in the first ten seconds.  “You’re just jealous you didn’t think of it first.”  This crap always happens to me!

Anyone else see those flames go super slow-mo and instantly think of a million different things they’d like to set on fire and record with that camera?  “Is there anything you think about that isn’t twisted?”  Cars, museums, office buildings…. “Well those are normal at least.”  No, those are the things I want to set on fire.  I know.  I’m ashamed.  But until I can save up enough coke cans to sell (or get brave enough to sell both of my kidneys) to buy one of those cameras, I’m just going to have to keep living vicariously through British people and their crazy humor.  Who knows?  Maybe one day this will make it over to America in a knock off show with Ryan Reynolds or something.


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