Baby Food: Gangnam Style

Who is it that said babies would soon be taking over the world with their mind control powers and cunning schemes? “Uh, nobody because that idea is preposterous.”  YOU’RE A PRESTOPEROUS PREPOSCERTUS JERK!  Okay, so maybe nobody has said it before, but I’m saying it now.  Seriously, at this rate, babies will have us trained to feed them on demand and clean up all of those unnatural baby things they do like drooling and pooping in diapers.  It’s called a toilet, learn how to poop in one!  And if you think that’s bad, then you’re going to love this baby who has trained his parents to only feed him while he is watching the Gangnam Style video.  Keep reading to watch a How-To video the baby created for his internet friends.

This kid is good.  He even made it look like the whole thing was his dad’s idea.  I’m going to go ahead and predict the outcome of this kids career since he seems to be such a crafty little liar.  “Politics?”  Wow, look at mister wise guy over here.  No, I didn’t mean politics.  I meant Chinese buffet owner!  “Wow, racist much?”  What do you mean?  I meant he would be good at the whole “No it isn’t dog” routine!  Convincing AND delicious!  Besides, if he chose politics, you KNOW this video would get out and ruin his chances at getting ANY votes from the baby population for outing their secrets.

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