Movie Voice Guys

Ever wonder how epic your life could be if you had every move you made narrated by the movie trailer guys?  That’s right, you read it correctly.  Plural.  More than one movie trailer guy.  I’m talking the gods of the silver screen.  Those voices that make your wallet weak in the knees.  “Wallets don’t have knees.”  It will after watching this video.    “What video?” I’M GETTING THERE!  Anyway, I’m talking about the video below of 5 movie trailer guys all in one video speaking in a more epic voice than Darth Vader or Mufasa.  “You realize those are the same dude, right?”  I….what?  Just watch the video below to see what I’m talking about.  Be warned though.  Every YouTube video will seem boring after watching this one.

Now you know.  I thought about polling you guys and asking which one you guys would choose to follow you around if you could only pick one, but then I realized that you all would probably pick the Australian guy or the original guy.  Which are both the wrong choices by the way.  “Who would you pick, then?” I would pick the happy Disney voice guy, OBVIOUSLY!  Wish upon a star granted!  Now, I need to go practice for my new career, because these guys are going to die SOMEDAY.


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