EA Flagging Content on YouTube

If you are a gamer, you probably have a love-hate relationship with EA. Oh just me? Dang I really thought I wasn’t alone on this. Well right now I’m on the hate side of the relationship. Why am I so upset? EA (Electronic Arts, Inc.) has started monetizing on YouTube videos that contain visual content administered by EA. Why is this a big deal? Read below to see why a storm is coming.

EA is accomplishing this goal by hiring third-party companies to flag each video they feel uses visual content from games like Modern Warfare Battlefield 3. Why is this so devastating? It’s a good way to kill the Trolls right? Well it could also cut down the income that veteran commentators receive, plus Trolls feed off negative energy so this will not kill them. Some commentators make their living from their videos, more specifically the portion of revenue they receive from the advertisements placed on their videos. It doesn’t seem like much, but good commentators can get over 2 million views per video, which means 2 million people see these advertisements. This has helped good commentators purchase houses. I know what you are thinking, BEST JOB EVER! I totally agree.

Back on topic. So gamers that had their content flagged have a few options. First, they can get shut down. Second, they can put advertisements on their videos so EA gets a cut of the profits. Third, and this is if advertisements are already on the video, EA is given a slice of the pie and the channel owner receives less money. For good commentators that get flagged, this could really hurt their income.

Why does EA even care? Why now? Well with how the economy is right now, everyone is trying to cut costs and increase income. For EA, this advertisement deal is a river of extra income that will continue to flow. It may not boost EA’s image, but it could help them with financial difficulties. EA has recently changed their online store (The EA Store) to Origin. It’s definitely better than the EA Store setup, talk about awful. I feel like Origin still doesn’t stand a chance against Steam. I mean, compare what EA is doing to Battlefield 3 footage to what Steam did with Team Fortress 2. Steam released an entire game for free, and who doesn’t like Team Fortress 2? (rhetorical. Answer: No one). EA has even tried to buy Steam. This would truly be the end of the world.

EA even shut down offices and laid-off some employees at Pop-Cap games, including George Fan, the creator of Plants vs. Zombies. There were rumors of more lay-offs planned, like 1,000 jobs, but official reports say that no such plans are made. Rather, the small situation with Pop-Cap games is a good indication that EA is transitioning from social games like Tiger Woods and Call of Duty to mobile games and online games to combat Steam. If downsizing was even an option, use of advertisements on YouTube content could help prevent such decisions. Feel free to place your thoughts/rants in the comments below.


Source and Nickbunyun’s video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRBpycs5FtY


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