Curiosity Rover Takes HD Pictures and Broadcasts First Song From Mars

The Curiosity Rover is still very much alive and operating by the Three Laws of Robotics, as far as the public is concerned. Quick note: The patch shown above is not from the Curiosity mission. I merely added it because it is awesome. Speaking of awesome, the Curiosity Rover has taken some Hi-Res photos of the martian surface. I only wish Ray Bradbury was alive to see this. Click the picture above to see the picture gallery and keep reading to see the first song broadcasted from the Curiosity Rover on Mars back to Earth plus my tribute to Ray Bradbury, author of the Martian Chronicles.

It’s probably not the song I would have used as the first song broadcasted from Mars, but it’s still cool. I probably would have gone with Don’t Stop Believin’ or Separate Ways by Journey. Maybe Mars isn’t ready for that much awesomeness… I think we can thank Mohawk Guy for putting this jam on Curiosity’s iPod.

For those of you that have not heard of Ray Bradbury, you are missing out on a Sci-Fi legend and author. It would have been an honor to meet this man. Ray Bradbury spent many many years creating life on Mars and in our imaginations. I don’t believe he got to see the landing of the Curiosity rover but did get to see its launch and the pictures taken by the other rovers on the Martian surface. Here is an inspiring clip I found:

I felt like I had to make the following picture in honor of Bradbury. I was a little ashamed that I had not seen it created before.

To see the first post on the Curiosity Rover along with the first pictures it took on Mars, click here.


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