Living the Dream: The Assassin Rises


Okay, admit it.  We’ve all dreamed of one day becoming real life assassin’s every since Ubisoft delivered that nose-picking gold into our hands in the form of Assassin’s Creed, the game featuring a middle eastern assassin fighting for truth, justice and the American way Apple of Eden.  Even all of you closet gamers and pacifists have to agree that having the physical abilities of a man born into the Creed would be a dream.  “Not to mention unrealistic.”  Oh yeah?! Well it just so happens that I finally have proof for all of you nay-sayers that it’s actually really probably possible!  Keep reading to see why NOW YOU’RE THE IDIOT!

Be sure to give this video the Full Screen 1080p treatment if your internet doesn’t suck:

Fun fact: if they weren’t a fake disguised underground organization, the Assassins would have taken the gold at this years olympics.  That and if they weren’t a bunch of possibly murderers rogue justice bringers who would probably be arrested on site.  Chances are, I will never gain the ability to do any of that except for the falling over in the bloopers.  Luckily, people still make games about killing zombies and all out brawls against rival video game characters so that my dream of bringing video games to the real world can be realized.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a hidden blade to fashion….and never do anything with…..maybe…



VIA: Geekologie


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