YouTube Proves Even People Who Suck at Music Win at Sucking

Remember that moment in your life when you went to your mom and told her that you were going to be a famous musician one day and she told you fat chance you can’t even pass math? No?  Okay, just me….Well for the sake of argument, pretend you are me and suck at math.  At that moment in your childhood, everything changed.  That moment when you ran to your room crying and then re-enacted the whole heartbreaking scene with Power Ranger action figures would define who you wouldn’t become, a famous musician.  Now imagine an alternate universe where the country you live in is called India and you’re actually pretty good at math.  You run and tell your mother you’re going to be a famous musician and she simply smiled and shook her head, knowing full well that you were terrible at singing and couldn’t write, but your last math grade took away all of her excuses to tell you otherwise.  Such is the life of Than Q….or VennuMallesh (I can’t tell because he sucks at English).  Still having a hard time understanding what I’m telling you?  Keep reading to see a video of what your life could have been if you weren’t me and didn’t suck at math.

Now, of course, this video was in response to all the people (known in the video description as Hell Wishers) who were completely honest with the guy and told him that he couldn’t sing or write.  But here is the crazy thing: it actually has almost 2,000 “likes” on the video and only about 500 “dislikes.”  I began to wonder how that was even possible.  Then I started reading through the comments.  This guy, like William Hung, was actually so bad that people liked it.  I call this, the “American Idol Apoxcillitation !”  And, yes, I know what you’re thinking, Idol is a made up word.  But enough about me.  The American Idol Constislation is the phenomenon that occurs when American Idol first starts and all of the singers suck.  Everyone watches because it’s just so bad.  Don’t believe me?  Well, then you’re probably pretty smart.


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