Woot Says Farewell to Bacon. Also, the Earth Sheds Its First Tears

In a move that is sure to upset the cosmos, governmental structures, and me, the website Woot.com has begun a two day Woot Off that is the Bacon Woot Off to end all Bacons.  And, yes, I do mean that literally (not figuratively, Ted).  Woot has decided all on its own that, while bacon is and shall remain awesome, the bacon meme has lived it’s lifecycle and should meet it’s timely demise roughly 48 hours from now.  Normally, I would make a big deal about this kind of outrage, writing a blog that shames Woot.com into closing the website for their heinous acts against humanity, but instead I decided that I would just write a normal blog instead and let the horrible nice people keep their jobs.  Keep reading to mourn with me.

Bacon’s greatness is forever. The bacon meme is not. It’s time to let bacon be its fabulous self, not a totem of online irony. We’re serving up this Woot-Off with a side of bacon, to give this fat-marbled Internet yukfest the oil-spattered Viking funeral that will finally send it off to the great frying pan in the sky.

And now your life will never be the same. You now have to make a choice.  You can either choose to accept what Woot.com has done and go buy an item or two from what is sure to go down in the history books as one of the most epic Woot Offs in history (legen…..wait for it……bacon!), or you can choose to protest Woot.com from this day forward and never buy another discounted item or awesome custom Woot Tee.  We all know what I (and you) are going to do.  “Continue to never buy anything from Woot like I have been for…oh…all my life?” WHAT?! Okay, I just found something worse than killing the bacon meme.  You for never buying anything from Woot, you devil!

Rest in peace, Woot Bacon Memes.  See you on the rest of the internet.


SOURCE: Woot.com


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