Walking with Dinosaurs

Life finds a way… Now would be a good time to start humming the Jurassic Park theme song in case you haven’t started yet. There have been all sorts of rumors about a billionaire named Clive Palmer, or John Hammond as I like to call him, who has a secret plan to start cloning dinosaurs for his Jurassic Park-style resort. Are the rumors true? If he really is planning on breeding raptors, he needs to build better fences because the ones used in the movie were a joke.

These rumors came about when a man in Clive’s inner circle stated that Clive had a secret plan to start cloning dinosaurs. And why not? Clive Palmer is already working on creating a replica of the Titanic. He might have been just as excited as I was when he found out there would be a Jurassic Park 4. However, when Clive was interviewed to help clear up rumors, he stated that he had no secret plan to recreate dinosaurs, which is exactly what a man would say if he had a secret plan.

Even though there is no stated plan, scientists working with Mr. DNA have shared that a succesful clone of a Mammoth should occur within the next five years. The problem with cloning actual dinosaurs is that live DNA would be needed, and it is apparently difficult to find. I guess they haven’t tried looking for mosquitoes that are trapped in amber. It’s that simple.

Until then, I will just have to watch this video and pretend that it is real. This group called Walking with Dinosaurs has created a way to mimmick the movements of dinosaurs and have fun with it. It definitely don’t look as cool when I do a Raptor Run. I’ll just let to video explain the rest.

Anyone else curious about the legs behind the dinosaur? They also have a T-Rex. I’ll say that again… They have a T-Rex…

2 thoughts on “Walking with Dinosaurs

  1. He is, it is about 200 dinosaurs, right down the road from me, but they are robots rest assured….. big robots….. (insert reference to Itchy-And-Scratchy theme park episode)

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