DayZ: Zombie Survival Game

If you have not heard about the game DayZ yet, you will unless you actually have a life! This multiplayer open world survival game was first released as a mod for Arma2. It has since reached 1 million players! Everyone likes killing zombies! ALL THE ZOMBIES!!! Due to the tremendous popularity, the developers at Bohemia Interactive are now making it a standalone project that will make DayZ gameplay even better. There are some things you should know before you take on the undead. Grab you Zombie Survival Guide and keep reading to find our more about DayZ.

The reason why I love this game so much, and why others do to, is because it’s not your typical Zombie killing game. This is pretty much a whole new world you explore, loot, fight, and survive. You have limited carrying capacity, health, supplies, and ammo. It’s probably best to team up with friends in case things get ugly, but you can all chat, hang out by a fire if you choose. Avoid the big cities at first since they are swarming with zombies. Don’t run if a zombie spooks you. Running will alert other zombies even a mile away, and that will ruin your day, and your figure. Getting hurt will also mess up your ability to aim and run. It’s even possible to keep passing out if you break your leg or something.

If you want to test out Arma2, you can click here. If you want to read more about DayZ, you can check out their Tumblr page here. The website for DayZ is up, and once the game is live, you can click here to hang out with your buds and start taking the world back from the undead. If you have any questions or want to freak out with me, feel free to comment below.

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