Kid Dies in Modern Warfare 3 and Ends Up in a Real Hospital


Okay, so the dying in Modern Warfare 3 didn’t directly cause this kids hospitalization, but let’s face it, he should have been beat up and hospitalized for playing it in the first place.  The actual cause of the hospitalization was dehydration.  Apparently, if you play video games for 4 days straight and don’t drink anything you could die.  “Then I guess that proves video games are awesome because you’re only supposed to be able to survive 3 days without water normally.” Touché.  And this kid didn’t even die.  Apparently he just fell over 3 times over the course of the 4 days.  When he didn’t get up the last time, his mother decided it was time to go to the hospital.  “What is this world and its parenting coming to?!”  I know right?  She clearly should have just waited until the respawn timer ran out.  Keep reading for some suspicious quotes from the mother, including one that may or may not incriminate her in the disappearance of a certain Xbox 360….

The TV station quotes an emergency physician at a children’s hospital as saying dehydration can lead to decreased blood pressure and a lack of adequate oxygen to the brain.

Rawlins, who says Tyler had only left his bedroom to use the bathroom, pick up snacks and take a quick shower, adds that both have learned a lesson the hard way.

She says Tyler was shaken by the ordeal, and didn’t complain about his punishment.

“The Xbox is gone,” she says.

Okay, I know she was just trying to be a good mommy, but it is a clear scientific fact that video games help create brain cells.  This kid was basically just on a 4 day learning marathon.  Even a lack of oxygen can’t compare to the wonders dehydration and video games can do for the brain.  Now his poor future is in a shambles.  I guess he will just have to study the old fashioned way.  “With a book?” No, with friends and Facebook the night before the day of, dummy.  And you wonder why you’ll never be as successful as me.



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