When Strangers Hug Attack

We all have those people in our lives.  You know, those people that hug us every time they see us, even though you clearly have already pulled out your phone and fake phone called somebody so that they will give up and find new friends wait until you’re sitting down and can’t hug you to talk to you.  If you’re reading this and thinking “Hmmm, I don’t think I have any friends that act like that.  As a matter of fact, I would love hugging them back if I did!” then you should take a look in the mirror because you probably would try to hug yourself are that person among your friends.  My suggestion to you?  Pick up a hobby or die or something.  If nothing else, you can take out your aggressive hugging nature on strangers and film it like normal people.  “That would be weird.”  You’re right, it would be weird as crap, but it would be funny enough to put on YouTube.  Don’t believe me?  Keep reading to see some of your weird kinfolk in action.

That THAT is what I call good TV.  “YouTube video.”  What?!  “Nothing, forget I said anything.”  That’s what I thought….  That was almost more awkward to watch than it would be to hug someone.  I’m glad they moved locations before they started hugging at least.  It’s awkward enough getting hugged wearing all of your clothes.  Getting hugged in your bathing suit is just overkill.  I would probably spend the rest of the day hidden away in the local porta-potty of shame if that were to happen to me.  “What is a porta-potty of shame?” All porta-potties are of shame.  Unless it was a girl that wanted to hug me.  Then I would just shake her hand and move on like the only sensible person in that video.  Now if you’ll excuse me,  I need to go practice my hug rape break moves in case something happens this weekend while I’m out and about, though we all know that if something were to happen, it would probably be my fault for dressing the way I do.


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