Zombie Playtime: These Guys Are Doing It Right

Some people reach a point in their life where they feel like they don’t want to hang out with any of their current friends anymore.  Instead, the desire to find a whole new set of all the wrong friends infects fills their souls.  But these people are usually too lazy to accomplish this task by seeking out each soon-to-be ex friend individually and making fun of their shoes and their mother like us normal people.  Don’t speak, I know what you’re thinking.  You want to know what else a person could possibly do that would be as effective as making fun of someone’s mother.  “Actually, we were wondering why you chose to wear such ugly pants today.”  Careful, make fun of any clothing below my pants and we might have a friend fallout worse than Luke and Leia.  “Dude, they were related.  It was bound to end.”  I SAW NO DNA TESTS!  Hit the jump for a video demonstration on my 28% guaranteed method for getting new friends.

Wow, some of those people need to get their acts together (mostly the women, of course).  “Says the guy who hasn’t been able to take his thumb out of his mouth since he watched the video.”  Hey, I’m not scared of the zombies, okay?!  It was that stupid Dish Satellite at the end.  Does that guy even know what kind of cable he is stealing?!  “Obviously, the webstie at the end of the video explains the whole thing.”  Well I’m glad you found that because I didn’t want to write about how Dish dropped the network AMC and The Walking Dead anyway.  I will be a dear and source it for you though at the bottom of the post so you can read about finding a local provider who will fill your weekly zombie needs.  Don’t say I never gave you anything besides eyeball aids.




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