CLOP: Unicorn Power!

Charlie! You silly sleepy head! Wake up! We’re going on an adventure Charlie! I spent my afternoon being a unicorn for you guys. There is a new flash game called CLOP, from the makers of QWOP. You should really try this game out. You pretty much control Charlie the Unicorn. I listed my thoughts on the game along with some hints to help you along. Click the jump to shun the non-believer. Magical wonders are to be hold when you enter!

It’s a great change of pace from Slender. Controls are simple and yet are the reason this game is so difficult. In QWOP, you control the two legs of a runner. In CLOP, you control all four legs. It seems simple at first until you run into the first hill. It seemed pretty much impossible at first, but after many many fails attempts, I finally got over it. On the hill, it seemed like I could just use my front legs only to pull myself up because my back legs would make me fall over. Be careful though because this approach will likely unlock LAME HORSE MODE, which is hilarious!

I have not beaten the game yet, but I got about 55% to 60% of the way through. My first picture up at the top is a screen capture of my progress. I got past the big hills and avoided Lame Horse Mode by doing twice as many front legs than back legs and kept a slow, alternating pace. Like front, front, front, front, back, back, front, front, front, front, back, back. Let me know if this helps you too. I saw a STAR at the top of the screen near the beginning before you run into rocks. I have no idea what this is for and you have to get some air in order to see it That’s right I know how to make my horse jump and I can’t find a way to fly or jump up to it. Where is a magical liopleurodon when you need one!? PLEASE brag and comment below if you were able to beat a dead horse me. I promise I won’t take your kidney if you beat me.





5 thoughts on “CLOP: Unicorn Power!

  1. Update: I still can’t get past that point. My enjoyment has turned to frustration over time. I want to beat it so badly! I think I forgot to mention earlier that momentum is the best thing for the hills. If you lose momentum, then rely on the front legs more.

    • Further update: I got 70% done. Got over hills easier by doing H,K,H,K,J,H,K,H,K,L,H,K,H,K,L,J (repeat). I got a little upset when I hit Lame Horse Mode around 60%. There is a big drop off around 70% that caused me to flip over.

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