Furby Returns

“YOU SAID YOU WOULD ALWAYS LOVE ME!” Remember when your parents gave you a Furby and you learned it’s language and taught it words? Neither do I. I never really owned one, but from what I’ve seen and heard, they all suffered a pretty gruesome death thanks to the family dog. “YOU GAVE ME TO THE DOG!” I’m sorry Furby! I’m going to hide under the jump. Click the jump to find me curled up in a corner…

Is it safe? It’s true folks, Furbys will be coming back to life this Fall to claim revenge. Apparently we cannot kill this creature. You can preorder your doom on Amazon or Walmart.com if you are a sick person. Maybe we have too much Quadrotriticale on the Earth. That’s the trouble with tribbles… Possibly Furbys and Gremlins as well. Be sure not to get this little critters wet or feed them after midnight. There will be no hope for you if you break these rules. There is only one way to stop this killer from getting his revenge.

That’s right! Last I checked, Furbys are powerless against dogs. Let’s just pray that Furbys have not developed a resistance to dogs. My dog will keep me safe when I hear “u-nye-loo-lay-doo?” (do you want to play?) in the middle of the night. Otherwise I would have to try a more risky approach. i think going for the eyes is pointless. I think the eyes and mouth of a Furby are the more durable parts. No my friends, you must go for the batteries or the reset buttons. That’s probably the only way to stop then without a dog. If you have other techniques that might work, please comment below. You could save a life with just a few words. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


One thought on “Furby Returns

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