Trust Fall or Bust

Ever hear the saying, “You can trust everybody, even strangers, to help you in your time of need”?  The answer is obviously no, because it isn’t a saying.  “Well except you obviously just made it into a saying that will probably go viral.” That’s just something you get used to when you’re a famous blogger like me.  Back to the point.  Expecting anything beyond a laugh (and potentially a viral video), hurting yourself in today’s society won’t get you any support from the general population or your family either.  Keep reading to see a video that illustrates this exact point.

This poor boy is a victim of today’s “everybody loves you and you can never fail at anything you ever do” society.  Resulting injuries have probably scarred him for the rest of his life.  Plus, the rejection from all of the women giggling at his demise only hurt his probably destroyed what little self esteem he had left.  At least he exceeded expectations by making a viral video (probably of the newest olympic sport) for once in his life, something I have yet to do.  But I have a feeling this next idea will take off.  I can’t tell you what it is though because it’s super secret.  “There are like a million cat videos already.”  Please don’t crush my dreams.


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