The Gobbler Whisperer

I can see it now.  Little Jimmy had lived on the farm all is life (because he grew up there).  His parents had always hoped that he would grow up and live a life beyond the farm, expanding his dreams and talents into the wild world that was somewhere out there beyond that horizon.  In an effort to accomplish this, they had given him all of the knowledge they had (quickly realizing their mistake because it was all farm stuff).  But little Jimmy persevered despite his parents interference.  He spent the days hidden away in the wild, honing a talent he had discovered one day experimenting with growing wheat in underground caverns.  After finishing farm high school and receiving his commemorative golden oats, he moved to the big city, quickly finding and settling into his dream job: turkey herding.  Keep reading to watch amazing Jimmy in action.

If your screen isn’t already blurry from the tears you laughed out of your eyes after watching that video, then you should probably lighten up and watch it again.  I thought about writing fart jokes to help things along but, lets face it, even those can’t help you if you are a turkey hating robot.


One thought on “The Gobbler Whisperer

  1. Oh. My. Stars. That is just hilarious! I wonder if they realized at some point that there was an impostor in their midst……….. speaking of impostors, now that’s got me thinking of Goat Man. 😆

    PS: stay tuned- I have a post coming and it will be titled ‘Like Crying Babies.’ I haven’t written it yet, but expect I will sometime in the next month. It’s a variation on a theme. 😉

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