Camcorders: So You Can Remember How Much the 90’s Sucked

This represents about the only thing the 90’s was good for. KIDDING. It also gave us Limp Bizkit.

The 90’s: can’t live with it, could definitely live without it.  About the only useful thing this decade gave us was the end when it led into a new millenium, but it couldn’t even do that right.  It had to invent a conspiracy theory that basically made everyone think that the world was going to blow up and end like they do with the Mayan calendar (which was probably written in the 90’s or something).  The music was almost more embarrassing than the invention of Justin Beiber (which will probably outshine all terrible music for the rest of history).  The achievements of the 90’s were so bad, I could count all of the good things that came out of it on no hands.  But undoubtedly one of the machines that prolongs that misery is the camcorder….or vhscorder or whatever terrible name it was called back then.  And I happen to have found one of those videos.  So keep reading to share in my misery and find ample reason to sue the inventor of such a device.

There, I got it off of my chest.  I hated the thought that I would be the only one to experience such a terrible mark on my heritage.  And who were those girls he got to be in the video with him?  Were they actually so desperate for attention that they thought a music video would help?  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m suddenly less embarrassed that I watch Olympic synchronized swimming.  “That isn’t even a sport.  It’s an exercise.”  No, you’re thinking of running.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take my awesome new haircut idea to my barber so I can look my best for family music video night.


6 thoughts on “Camcorders: So You Can Remember How Much the 90’s Sucked

    • Actually, the internet began in the 50’s and really came to life in the 80’s. The 90’s simply invented slower than crap dial up as a highly available medium. Even high speed waited until the next millenium to be used in any large capacity.

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