Fire Walking: Apparently Dangerous???

(credit: Oprah’s Twitter)

We have all heard the idiom: “Play with fire and you’re going to get burned,” but we all know Mythbusters taught us differently. They showed that it is possible to walk across of bed of hot coals without getting hurt. I for one knew this because I watched Mythbusters thought about the science myself. But things got crazy recently when Oprah decided to do some Fire Walking herself… and 21 people got hurt… Hit the jump to see how these 21 people couldn’t follow in Oprah’s footsteps.

Tony Robbins (pictured above), a famous New Age self-help author and speaker, recently held a motivational event in San Jose, California to help turn fear into power. If Yoda taught us anything, it’s that fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering, and Yoda is much wiser. Apparently 21 people at the event didn’t understand that even hot coals have a layer of ash on the outside that help retain heat, but also protects you (very very briefly) from getting burned. So the less contact you have with the coals, the better. This makes it possible to walk barefoot across hot coals… Remember: POSSIBLE!!! You still need to move quickly and roll off the bottoms of your feet or else you will end up like these other 21 individuals with up to 3rd degree burns. Remember: If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen get off the hot coals immediately rather than standing there thinking about your burning feet.


I used to play this game called Hot Chocka, which is way dumber than Fire Walking. It’s basically like hot potato, if the potato is a hot coal you grab from the fire with your bare hands. I didn’t burn my hands much unless the coal got stuck between my fingers. I guess Fire Walking was too mainstream… Even though it is primarily used for spiritual benefits, we all know that Fire Walking was invented in 1985, as a follow-up to Fire Driving, which of course started around the same time and Time Traveling. In closing, I would just like to tell those 21 Fire Walking victims that they knew the risks if they didn’t let go of their fear, but if they continue to complain about 3rd degree burns, then they can blame Einstein for their problems instead of Tony Robbins. Oh I meant the dog Einstein, not the other guy.


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