Indiana Jones A Capella: Because Afternoon TV Sucks

As if the judgement wasn’t already an easy enough call for the U.S. government, a man named Nick Mckaig has gone and made a bunch of Vocal Covers of popular songs from the last 2o years or so while seemingly on crack.  The scary part?  They’re pretty good. Aside from the part where he looks like one of those horrible comedy crooners you see in movies while he is singing.  Seriously, man, quit staring at me.  “He wants to draw the audience in with those pearly white eyes.” I’m not your stereotypical audience.  Keep reading to see the Indiana Jones video, as well as a surprise video that I threw in there because I’m obsessed with this guy for good measure.

See?  Do you see what I mean by how he looks when he sings?  It’s like he is trying to lure children into his van with his mmmbop voice.  And what’s with the costume?  Was he just upset that he only got to wear it one night because his mom didn’t want him ruining it before the next halloween? That’s gonna be at LEAST 20 minutes in the corner, if not more.  As promised, here is another video where he acts like a spazz and sings for a camera in the basement.

I wish I had this guys guts.  I can’t even sing to myself in the mirror because I know I’ll get made fun of. “But you’re the only one who would see it….” Which is why I can never let it happen again.

SOURCE: Nick Mckaig’s Youtube Channel


4 thoughts on “Indiana Jones A Capella: Because Afternoon TV Sucks

  1. He’s actually good. (Where’s the like button on your posts?!) I especially love how he went all the way to outer space to get the right background- and he took extra shirts with him, which is really smart.

    And gee, thanks, now I’m gonna have the Hansen brothers stuck in my head all night………………. 😆

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