The Game That Can Give You 10 Extra Years of Life


YA RLY! Recent studies have shown that video games work better than pharmaceuticals in relieving stress. I know what you thinking… Gamers are just coming up with any excuses to justify the hours they spend playing video games, right? right WRONG! All those hours we have wasted spent playing Battlefield 3 were to add 10 years to our lives so we could play more games put food on the table. Scroll down to see the math.

78.1 + 10 = 88.1

10 / 78.1 = +0.128040973

0.128040973 x 365 = +46.7349551

46.7349551 x 24 x 60 = +67298.3353

67298.3353 / 365 = +184.379001

184.379001 / 24 = +7.68245837

(credit: Jane McGonigal and

The math may look a little confusing but it shows that adding 10 years to your life means adding 7 minutes of life to each hour you participate in gaming activities. Jane McGonigal explains how games build up four types of strength: physical, mental, emotional, and social. People that regularly work at these strengths are likely to live 10 years longer. Of course you could do other things to boost these, like go on a walk with a friend or loved one… but don’t tell my parents that because right now I’m winning with the video game come back.


Even if video games aren’t the best thing for us, there are way worse things out there, like Twilight.

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