Iron Man Suit Up!


Oh Comic-Con… If you asked a nerd to choose between going to Comic-Con and getting to first base with Emma Stone, you my friend have stumped a nerd forever. Well don’t just sit there! Iron Man Suit Up and check below to see the new suit for Iron Man 3!


Comic-Con was held in San Diego this year and there were some great surprises. One of which was the panel on Iron Man 3. A few members of the cast were even there, including Robert Downey Jr. (for you lady readers). He made quite the intro and even sported the hand part of the suit. He proved once again that to be a great superhero, all you need is brains, creativity, and millions of dollars. If you have 2 out of 3 of those, then you are just a nerd.

I am still waiting for my superpower, as I have lost my sense of smell in a chemistry lab accident. I suppose until then, I will just get back to choosing between Comic-Con and Emma Stone… sigh… Would I even really even win, knowing I would pass up the other?

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