What Happened To The Star Wars That I Used To Know


The lyrics to this song are so true. I have never had more of a love/hate relationship with anyone or anything else than I have had with director George Lucas. I think many fans will agree that the original Star Wars trilogy, along with the original Indiana Jones trilogy, helped us be the nerds Fan Boys we are today. One can even say, Lucas we seduced by the Dark Side of the Force…

There are three pivotal moments I can recall that made me question my loyalty to George Lucas. Just like many other fans, news of a Prequel Trilogy was very exciting. I mean Darth Maul with a double-bladed lightsaber? Heck Yes! That excitement faded when I saw more of Jar-Jar than Darth Freakin Maul. The second was the infamous “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” at the end of Episode III. The third was deciding not to include the Theatrical Version of the Original Trilogy in the bluray release. Is it too much to ask for? This one was a deal breaker for me. I want to see Han shoot first, dangit!!! And for those of you that believe that Greedo shot first because it “isn’t in Han’s character”, what happened when saw Vader on Bespin? He drew his gun and shot, with almost no hesitation.

My biggest complaint though has got to be an edit on Retun of the Jedi. I remember an older Anakin Skywalker being shown below, not the emotional kid that yelled “You underestimate my power!” right before he lost a few limbs. Clearly old Obi-Wan had the high ground.

(credit: Lucasfilms)

Why must you crush my dreams George!?!?!? Haven’t we endured enough? If you just do the right thing and make fans happy, we will be back, and in greater numbers.


7 thoughts on “What Happened To The Star Wars That I Used To Know

  1. I love the last line haha. For me, the pivotal part where I knew I had been betrayed came when he included the love scene montage between Anakin and Padme’. Was that actually necessary? It didn’t fit with any of the rest of the movie.

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